About Us

Interlink Finance & Securities Inc. offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory, legal services, and logistics solutions for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.

As Interlink Finance & Securities Inc. is striving to be a true integrator of container logistics connecting and simplifying our customers’ supply chain through global end-to-end solutions we just made our customers´ life a lot easier. We are able to manage the entire product journey for them including Inland Services, Interlink Finance & Securities Inc. Customs Services, Ocean Freight, Warehouse Management and Distribution to name but a few.

Our global team of financial advisory experts is well-versed in the financial challenges you will face and will work closely with you to provide tailored, practical and technical advice to guide you through these critical moments.

Long-term loans

With our long-term loans, we offer you tailor-made funding solutions at matching maturities for your company worldwide.


We provide tailored financing solutions to our customers in the form of long-term loans, equity investments and mezzanine finance.

Team Of Strategists

We develop carefully thought-out, viable solutions for your undertaking that take reasonable account of potential risks.

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